Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stained Glass Panel: The Phoenix

One of my favorite pieces designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is the Lake Geneva Tulip.

It is from a resort hotel overlooking Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, The hotel was designed by Wright in 1911. Full details:

It's gone now, but one of the design elements of the hotel were the windows which had a "Tulip" theme. Wright named the design "Tulip" because of the flower shape pattern in the cente

While I can see the tulip, which is in line with Wright's philosophy and his connection with Nature, I also see wings. With a little colour change I have a new piece I call the Pheonix



I transferred the design to paper using Visio. My original intent was this piece was going to be a leaded glass window so cut the glass with this in mind. I had some nice red glass left over from a previous project and decided to use it. It makes this piece look more like a phoenix than a tulip and I am okay with that :)

I started leading the piece and ran into the pattern "growing" with each piece of lead added. I need to figure out where I went wrong with the cutting. So instead of fighting with it I switched to foil. Given the switch was relatively straight forward I'm pretty sure I know where I went wrong. I also decided to add a bit more colour to the center. I need to work on my smaller cuts. I got a little impatient here.

Once foiled I set to work on soldering. I chose copper backed foil as I intended to use a copper patina on the piece. Soldering went okay, though a bit messy in the center. It's a hobby so flaws are good right ?

I had some left over cherry from another project and just enough to frame it. I guess you could say this project was made from the scraps of other projects. From the ashes a new piece is created

Here's the piece installed

Thanks for reading!
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