Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sun & Moon #2

Quite a few years ago I made a large sun and moon piece. It was a pattern from Paned Expressions Studios called "Summer's End". It had a large triple border and is quite a nice piece. It was, however, 2.5 feet square.  It ended up with my brother. I always liked the sun and moon medallion in the piece and decided to make a smaller version with one layer of blue around the sun and moon medallion. Without the additional border the piece is 15 inches round.

Here are some photos from beginning to end. The lower portion of the moon is gray as I was trying to give him a beard.

Completed sun and moon medallion.

Foiled and ready for solder.

I went to my local stained glass store, Cranberry Stained Glass, and borrowed their came bender to bend a 1/2" piece of zinc came around the panel. 1/2" took a bit more effort to bend, but I think the result was worth it.

Here's the finished piece at night.

And here she is during the day. She's my green eyed lady , which is also a classic song from 1970 by Sugarloaf. :-)

The panel really comes to life in the light. 


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